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I develop web sites for small businesses.

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About Me

I'm a software developer with an eclectic mix of interests

I first got my feet wet in software development during my undergraduate studies in Systems Engineering at the US Naval Academy from 2011-2015. After leaving the Navy in 2017 and spending several years doing a fairly uninteresting job not related to my degree, I decided to refresh my software development skills with Springboard and get started on a new career in a field in which I'm far more interested.

I've been doing freelance web development with Microsoft Azure since November 2020, taking on projects from building databases with web scrapers, to hosting podcasts with RSS feeds, to building web sites for small businesses.

When I'm not developing software, you can find me reading classical literature and philosophy, lifting heavy barbells, playing chess, or writing and thinking about all manner of things.

Azure Cloud ServicesJavaKotlinHTML5CSS3JavaScriptReactReduxExpressNodeThree.jsPythonFlaskSQLPostgreSQLSQL ServerSQLAlchemyRetrofitRoomDB

Featured Projects

Growing Resilience Permaculture

Responsive business web site for Growing Resilience Permaculture, LLC, a permaculture design and garden consultation business based in Eastern Washington. Deployed with Azure Cloud Services. Parses RSS feed from Libsyn to serve podcast episode data.

ExpressReactJavaScriptCSS3XMLRSSAzure Cloud Services

McGinty Wedding

Responsive single-page React site I built for my wedding! I got married on February 5, 2023. Uses Google Sheets to keep track of RSVPs via the Sheet Best API. Uses Google Maps React component to embed maps to relevant locations.

ExpressReactJavaScriptCSS3Sheet Best APIGoogle Maps API

DPT Therapy & Performance

Responsive business web site for DPT Therapy & Performance, PLLC, a physical therapy clinic based in Stephenville, Texas. Deployed with Azure Cloud Services. Uses Google Maps React component to embed map of clinic location.

ExpressReactJavaScriptCSS3Azure Cloud ServicesGoogle Maps API
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Latest Blog Posts

#Tacitus#History#The Annals#Great Books#Revolution#Government#Constitution#Republic#Empire

The Roman Empublic?

A snippet about Rome's regime change from Republic to Empire, and the nature of revolutions.

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The best way to get in touch with me is by email or text. You can also go through the LinkedIn link at the bottom of the page.

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